Monday, June 27, 2005

Ok - so I am proud - do I need to go

So this weekend was Gay Pride 2005 in Chicago. Talk about lame. We went to the festival on Saturday and I was so let down. Where did all our joy go? If there is such a thing as a gay community, than they have nothing to be proud of. I wanna see everyone represented at the pride festival.

I was so disappointed that we didn't even go to the parade. Maybe there is no need for a festival/parade etc. Maybe we have evolved enough that now we should hold something else.

Watched "The Comeback" and "Queer as Folk" last night. Lisa Kudrow was again brilliant. I love her performance. So subtle and eloquent. QAF is getting good again. I really like the places they are taking the characters - finally after two really weak seasons. I think had they kept the show at this pace, it could hold out for another few seasons. I like the complexity.

Marching feet
To feel the pride
Pounding beat
our community wide

400,000 crying out
is that their scream
why do they shout

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Pearl the sequel

Okay - so here is the update on pearl

Remember pearl
you know the girl
the one who screams
my boss is mean

well she got a job
away from bob
new office to go to
her new place is moto

although i'm happy
that she is free
it may be sappy
like a bumblebee

but pearl I will miss
when she goes
who will I diss
with i don't know

with six days to go
she is a glow
she now says no
i've gotta blow

Here a little there a little

It's the Thursday before pride. I have been think about what this all means. It's so weird to me. I am glad we have this opportunity to share in our community. People hate that word - community. I have heard people say what community. So I was curious and looked it up:

com·mu·ni·ty ( P ) Pronunciation Key (k-myn-t)
n. pl. com·mu·ni·ties

A group of people living in the same locality and under the same government.
The district or locality in which such a group lives.

A group of people having common interests: the scientific community; the international business community.
A group viewed as forming a distinct segment of society: the gay community; the community of color.

Similarity or identity: a community of interests.
Sharing, participation, and fellowship.
Society as a whole; the public.

This will be my first gay pride in Chicago. I am hoping for a really impressive display of our diverse community.

I have been wondering as of late why being gay is such a weird thing.

For one thing, our country is so divided on the issue. The fact that people even debate whether it's ok or not. What psychological damage is being done, when half of the population thinks you are satan returning to destroy the earth. They always talk about sex acts. But most people I know, gay or straight, don't define themselves by what they do in the bedroom. Homosexuality has so little to do with the act itself. It's about everything else. The ironic thing about all this is most gay people I know, including myself, are so in tune with other people's feelings. I think you have to be to survive the coming out process.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I Got Friends in Weird Places

Hurrah! Today I talked with my friend Sonja. It was great. A reminder how lucky I am in the friends department.

A poem in her honor:

My mother friend is very funny
You call her sonja I call her honey
Lots of fun is what we've had
the bar we'd go - we're very bad

lots of boys did we harrass
we'd flirt a ton and pinch there ass
honey and i do talk a lot
we laugh and cry and not on pot

our lives connect because it's fated
two cancer friends, and all we've dated
and when the tide does turn our way
we'll be together, just not today

Monday, June 20, 2005

Bored at work, but at least it's not the good old stagecoach

I long to write
but nothing comes
My nails I bite
and pick my gums

To wait and wait
that is the game
is it too late
is this poem lame

what's it about
why do i rhyme
my boss is out
i've got the time

to illustrate
my jumbled thoughts
stored in a crate
my dreams and wants

and there is a day
the path appears
i see the way
i'll cry no tears

no more starvation
creation heeds
no masterbation
corporate greed

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Step One, Step Two,

Michael Jackson is free. Let us all hope that he really is innocent of the crimes. The real crime is that this little boy's mother would put her child in that situation. What kind of parent allows their children to be near someone who they think may be a pedaphile? It's sick.

All this talk of Michael Jackson makes me thinks of his video for Bad. Which than reminds me of Weird Al's version called Fat.

Because, I'm fat I'm fat
ham on whole wheat all right...

Last night, we took a walk.
10 blocks, I need to get off my big "FAT" ass
I wanna shrink way down - so I don't have to associate with that song -

a poem for the day

step one
get off the floor
and open the door
full of pep
take the first step

no - this poem sucks - maybe tomorrow....

Now that I have cable, I started watching the show "The Comeback" with Lisa Kudrow. It's really amazing. What would normally be a very scary concept, works beautifully with Kudrow. Incredible writing, editing (although if you are prone to motion sickness - be warned - the reality camera work made me nauseaous)

Monday, June 13, 2005

Moving and weight loss

Well, we have moved to our new condo. At least we are close.  We have so much crap.  It must be a metiphor for something. What am I caring around?  Why do I bringing every pleace I live?  This week,  we are going to go through all of our stuff and get rid of more. I want this home to be filled with only the things that we love.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Moving Poem

I spend the weekend on the move
And lifted boxed to the groove
of donna summer - I'm a fairy
Into our new home i did carry

the energy is very good
i like colors and the wood
windows made with leaded glass
so light is coming out your ass

my home it is though strange to say
i felt it from the very first day
and that's the story about my move
like art at home inside the louvre