Monday, June 27, 2005

Ok - so I am proud - do I need to go

So this weekend was Gay Pride 2005 in Chicago. Talk about lame. We went to the festival on Saturday and I was so let down. Where did all our joy go? If there is such a thing as a gay community, than they have nothing to be proud of. I wanna see everyone represented at the pride festival.

I was so disappointed that we didn't even go to the parade. Maybe there is no need for a festival/parade etc. Maybe we have evolved enough that now we should hold something else.

Watched "The Comeback" and "Queer as Folk" last night. Lisa Kudrow was again brilliant. I love her performance. So subtle and eloquent. QAF is getting good again. I really like the places they are taking the characters - finally after two really weak seasons. I think had they kept the show at this pace, it could hold out for another few seasons. I like the complexity.

Marching feet
To feel the pride
Pounding beat
our community wide

400,000 crying out
is that their scream
why do they shout

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