Friday, October 21, 2005

It has been a while

It's been a while
by me

it's been a while that i have spoke
about my truths it's time to poke

the job is normal, bad as hell
or is it me filling my well

the film is moving very fast
it's fun to learn about the past

but than sometimes, i need to stop
before my head begins to pop

so i sit at home with my cute guy
we make our dinner and wonder why

we work so hard at stupid things
and dream of more career flight wings

but there has been a major major change
we're doing the work we have found the range

between the artist child inside
and the major block we've tried to hide

but to hide the block is not the answer
we should face the thing as if it's cancer

the blockage killer the radiation
is to begin the process of creation

a simple poem like this that's bad
will prevent the child from going mad