Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sunday, December 17, 2006

More northern lights

Northern Lights - North Dakota

Northern Lights - North Dakota

Northern Lights - North Dakota

British Word of the Week - 4


Sorry for the recent delays in new and exciting words, but school has been a bit manic- still, all finished now PHEW!!!!

I have decided to give you 3 words to make up for it:

1. Bolshi- meaning argumentative, over- confident, bossy (not sure if this really exists but i use it all the time!)

2. Minging - meaing ugly, horrible or unattractive. (often used to describe a women!)

3. Plinth- a stand or horizontal beam of wood or stone (similar to mantle)

Hope you enjoy these!

Hope you guys are doing well and looking forward to the festive season!

lots of festive wishes,

Ric (English)

British Word of the Week - 3

The third installment:

Fortnight (meaning a 2 week period)

It originates from the 100 years war, when troops who were on guard at a
fort were given their shift - 2 weeks Yawn! How interesting!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Northern Lights and North Dakota

So, I am visiting my parents this weekend in rural north dakota. It's very weird to be back. One of the big reasons is because my brother is here too. We actually surprised my parents with my brother flying in from california.

It feels incredibly bizarre. I am nine years old again. I am not talking very much. My brother is teaching us all about his ipod. It's huge and holds all his music - 60 gig. (Of course, I have the 80 gig video ipod - but I still don't know how to use it.) What is it about family that you suddenly revert back to old patterns?

It's interesting that at I haven't been saying much since I have been at my parents. (In my real world, I talk all the time - too much in fact).

So anyway the other night - we went and looked at the northern lights - here are some pictures:

Northern Lights - North Dakota

Bill, Dad, and Me - Northern Lights

Monday, December 11, 2006


If I Told the Truth - FAMILY

Ok so this weekend was a stressful weekend. I was inspired by a song from Death Cab for Cutie - Brothers on a Hotel Bed - the music more than anything - so I started writing this:

A families pain is open wide
All are bruised, no one can hide.
The pain I felt at twelve years old
Is back again to takes it hold

But I am now a different guy
Without the fear without the lie
Of who you wanted me to be
That persons dead he'll never be

So with these wounds again so raw
can we learn the truths of loves big law
Love is patient love is kind
if you seek than you shall find

I love you mom, you set me free
The gift of strength to just be me
Sometimes it bits you in the ass
i don't believe this ceilings glass

A families pain is open wide
All are bruised, no one can hide.
The pain I felt at twelve years old
Is back again to takes it hold

Your bravery set your two sons free
Can you find the strength to be
The source of overlasting light
To help you sleep all through the night