Friday, December 15, 2006

Northern Lights and North Dakota

So, I am visiting my parents this weekend in rural north dakota. It's very weird to be back. One of the big reasons is because my brother is here too. We actually surprised my parents with my brother flying in from california.

It feels incredibly bizarre. I am nine years old again. I am not talking very much. My brother is teaching us all about his ipod. It's huge and holds all his music - 60 gig. (Of course, I have the 80 gig video ipod - but I still don't know how to use it.) What is it about family that you suddenly revert back to old patterns?

It's interesting that at I haven't been saying much since I have been at my parents. (In my real world, I talk all the time - too much in fact).

So anyway the other night - we went and looked at the northern lights - here are some pictures:

Northern Lights - North Dakota

Bill, Dad, and Me - Northern Lights

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