Sunday, December 17, 2006

British Word of the Week - 4


Sorry for the recent delays in new and exciting words, but school has been a bit manic- still, all finished now PHEW!!!!

I have decided to give you 3 words to make up for it:

1. Bolshi- meaning argumentative, over- confident, bossy (not sure if this really exists but i use it all the time!)

2. Minging - meaing ugly, horrible or unattractive. (often used to describe a women!)

3. Plinth- a stand or horizontal beam of wood or stone (similar to mantle)

Hope you enjoy these!

Hope you guys are doing well and looking forward to the festive season!

lots of festive wishes,

Ric (English)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Someone said i was 'bolshi' the other day. Had no idea what it meant so thankyou. I thought it meant something to do with the Bolsheviks !

Only thing is im a bit ennoyed now i've found the meaning out lol.