Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Step One, Step Two,

Michael Jackson is free. Let us all hope that he really is innocent of the crimes. The real crime is that this little boy's mother would put her child in that situation. What kind of parent allows their children to be near someone who they think may be a pedaphile? It's sick.

All this talk of Michael Jackson makes me thinks of his video for Bad. Which than reminds me of Weird Al's version called Fat.

Because, I'm fat I'm fat
ham on whole wheat all right...

Last night, we took a walk.
10 blocks, I need to get off my big "FAT" ass
I wanna shrink way down - so I don't have to associate with that song -

a poem for the day

step one
get off the floor
and open the door
full of pep
take the first step

no - this poem sucks - maybe tomorrow....

Now that I have cable, I started watching the show "The Comeback" with Lisa Kudrow. It's really amazing. What would normally be a very scary concept, works beautifully with Kudrow. Incredible writing, editing (although if you are prone to motion sickness - be warned - the reality camera work made me nauseaous)

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