Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mama Rose - Back with vengeance

Months ago, my partner Rob and I were driving up Lake Shore Drive in our deep blue Volkswagen beetle having a very important conversation. The topic - what classical musical theater piece would be right for Patti LuPone? I know, I know - I mean while some people obsess over Oprah's sexuality, Tom's obvious imprisonment of Katie, and Jennifer's on again, off again marriage to Vince Vaughn, my Rob finds solace in Filofax agendas and Patti Lupone's career strategy.

So I was with great joy that the musical theater gods overheard our conversation and days after we decided that the only role Patti LuPone had truly left to play was Mama Rose in Gypsy, that the show was announced at Ravinia.

The day of the event, we rode the gayest train in Chicago - the Ravinia express. Another hundred homos got off of the train, another hundred homos got off of the bus and are looking around...I think you get the idea.

Anyway, the thousand of us gay men piled in to the theater prepared to be brought back to another time. A time when lyrics were actually rhymed and people actually sang. As the orchestra played the brilliant score by Jule Styne, we realized we were seeing something special. A brief moment of history was being recaptured.

It was incredible, or I should say she was incredible. The cast was fine, the orchestra was lovely, and the costumes were spot on, but is was LuPone's performance that shined. She was perfectly cast as Mama Rose, and with the subtle work she did in the critically acclaimed Sweeney Todd I am not surprised.

For a more indepth review - visit this spot on review at the NYTIMES. New York Times - Gypsy Review

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